Watch "Neglected Sunnahs in Ramadan. Sheikh Muhammad Naa…" on YouTube

Neglected Sunnahs in Ramadan. Sheikh Muhammad Naa…:


Late night study of the Sacred Arts.


Beach day.

Currently reading some Maya Angelou. Word of warning: do not read this book in public. I’m only a couple chapters in and when they put Uncle Willie inside the basket of potatoes and onions I nearly cried okay I’ll stop ruining the book for everyone…

Watch "Louis Farrakhan 1972 Soul! Interview" on YouTube

Louis Farrakhan 1972 Soul! Interview:

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Keys To A Successful Marriage:



"…he dropped the kind of knowledge that made you want to pour oceans over your skin in gratitude for the melanin."

- Key Ballah, Master of Hip Hop (via keywrites)

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When you walk into your home after being gone all day, do you inspect every room to make sure everything is as you left it? If someone was in your home when you arrived what would you do? Do you take the same route home everyday without fail?

Do you look in your backseat and the trunk of your vehicle each time you enter it? Do you put your babies in first then unpack the grocery cart? What if someone or a crew was hiding or quickly approaching you before you could get in/lock the doors/drive off…how would you handle it….with your precious babies in tow?

Are you critical of who you let in your home? Do you bring your man up in the spot around your budding dawtas? Let him spend the night…and have him watch your children while you make a run to the store?

Are you at all security conscious? Are you aware of your surroundings and the potential dangers that lurk about preying on people who are not watchful?

Do you carry an aura with you that if someone was thinking about doing you harm, your energy field would make their instinct shift and be frightened away from you?

Many are not understanding the vitalness of securing themselves, their families or their property. Should these situations manifest, they would be caught off guard for being an easy target. Preventive Measures. Arrange in your mind possible scenerios of what could go wrong and develop strategies of how to avoid them and how to get out of them if they arise. Study military science. Take self defense classes. Train your bodies with regular exercise (especially in strength and endurance). Learn how to disarm someone if they draw a weapon on you. Stop putting your moves online ahead of time… and be mindful what you post about your children.

If you cannot detect by now that we have an open enemy, you had better realize it and understand it quick. Never underestimate the hand of those who really don’t have the interest of us in their hearts. The crucifixions in the streets are evidence that they really don’t give a damn about our lives. Wake up. Prepare yourselves. No more ‘business as usual’.


- one of our Righteous Sisters (via collctr)

A man without the Knowledge of Mathematics —- he cannot be. 

He is subject to a civilization who understands Mathematics… 

C O N J E C T U R E be forbidden.
The Court Of Universal Law 
Said it